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The Story


Feed the starter, mix the dough, fold the dough, adjust to the temperature of the seasons, preshape the dough, shape the dough, score the dough, bake the dough, pump steam into the bread oven, smell the aroma of sweet nutty sourdough as it bakes, pull the golden amber loaf out, cut into the crunchy crispy crust and bite into the soft chewy crumb. Four years ago I completed that process once.. and I was hooked.

The accomplishment of making a loaf of bread with my hands and three simple ingredients (water, flour and salt) warmed my soul and calmed my spirit. I get that same reward when I see a friend, a family member or a stranger enjoy eating something that I have the privilege of making. When I see people lined up at pop up event just get to a loaf of sourdough bread, I also get that same feeling of joy and accomplishment.


And no, there’s not a perfect loaf of sourdough coming out of the oven every time. Many mistakes have been made and will continue to be made including, business, time management, customer service, bake planning, and countless others. However,  I’ve learned to celebrate them all along the way.. I even thank God for them. Who knows where this little micro bakery would be without the journey of learning and growing! I also thank Him for the opportunities this career has given me, for my community here in Shafter Ca. and for you.

Thank you all for the support.

Peace be with you all!